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4 Tips for Busy Coaches to Support Their Team During a Fundraiser

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Coaches are responsible for so many tasks on a daily basis. While keeping a team motivated, united and focused, they also have to be a positive role model for students and set a good example. So, how does a Coach stay on track with their own goals and a fundraiser? We’ve created a list of 4 tips for busy Coaches who can’t drop the ball, to keep them on their game and be the best coach they can be.

  1. Congratulate players that are doing awesome. This one goes without saying, but a little bit of encouragement goes a long way!

  2. Breaking the team up into smaller teams for friendly competition. Create incentives for top selling teams and watch the sales go up!

  3. Push and promote the players that need more assistance. Selling can feel uncomfortable for players new to fundraising. Luckily, the GA App allows them to quickly and easily send messages straight from their phone to friends and loved ones.

  4. Consistent action is key. One minute logging in the GA App daily does wonders for reaching fundraising goals.


How to Keep Players Motivated Using The GA App

Once a Coach logs on to the GA App with their Coach Code, they can see team sales and see what players are doing individually, real time! The GA App features allow Coaches to see everything right on their phone as it's happening. Talk about motivation! Here are a few more tips to keep players motivated through The GA App during a fundraiser:

  • Add notes on each player. Keep tabs on top performers and players that need a little push in the right direction

  • Identify players who need a nudge. See when each player was last active on the GA App.

  • Make it part of your routine. When you're busy, just being logged in and committed daily is a game changer.

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