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4 Types of Fundraisers Your Team Should Consider This Season

Which Type of Fundraiser is Best For Your Team?

Each fundraiser has an important starting question and big end goal. Why should we fundraise? And, what is it for? Most often, coaches and players head into a fundraiser knowing what they need to accomplish but don’t know how to get there. The different types of fundraisers should be considered when heading into a new season to better understand how players will reach their goals. What does your team excel at? What will their supporters prefer? These questions are important to talk about and ask players before selecting a fundraiser.

Our lineup of fundraisers include four various types:

Gold Cards

Gold Tickets

Gold Rush (Online Donation Fundraising)

Ship-to-Home Products

Keep reading to learn more about each type of Gold Athletics fundraiser all managed through the GA App:

1. Gold Cards

These are convenient, multi-use cards offering discounts to local businesses. This type of fundraiser is made possible by the partnerships we have with individual businesses, ensuring desirable deals that are valid for a whole year. They are a valuable product to your supporters, and have a track record of supporting highly successful fundraisers for high school and youth sports… primarily, Fall teams.

One thing we love about Gold Cards?

The front of each card is customized with your team’s graphics, logo, and/or schedule – and the back side provides details on the awesome offers from each local merchant. Not only does this help supporters feel more like a #1 fan, but they can stay in the know about your season schedule.

2. Gold Tickets

These are valuable tear-out coupons to local businesses in your area. Gold Tickets offer valuable discounts at 12 to 16 local and national businesses in the form of tear-out coupons. Gold Athletics partners personally with trusted local businesses who offer generous discounts as one-time use coupons that are valid for a whole year. To receive the discount using the Gold Ticket, simply tear out and surrender each coupon at the participating merchant. Gold Tickets are a highly successful fundraising tool for high school and youth sports… primarily Spring teams.

Why select a Gold Tickets fundraiser?

The top of each Gold Ticket is customized with your team’s graphics, logo, and/or schedule – and the fold-down ticket booklet organizes each merchant in a clear, complementary manner. It’s easy and convenient to use.

3. Gold Rush (Online Donation)

This type of fundraiser is a top New way to fundraise with Gold Athletics. You’ll be able to expand your team’s fundraising reach across the country (or globe) through our GA App. Online Donations harness the power of the Internet by combining e-mail, text messaging, and social media to turn fans into donors in just minutes. Through a simple step-by-step process, participants join the team fundraising campaign, input friend & family email addresses, post to social media, and let our online platform do the rest.

Why select a Gold Rush Online Donation Fundraiser?

In comparison to alternative donation platforms, Gold Athletics provides your organization with the absolute highest percentage of all donations raised – and you can cash our your funds within days, not months. All funds raised through Online Donations are easy to access through a detailed tracking system on our GA App.

4. Ship-to-Home Products

Sweet, salty, decadent, fancy, or just plain nice. Ship-to-Home fundraisers allow your out-of-town supporters to make a monetary donation or purchase products online with direct Ship to Home products they’ll love! As orders are placed, they are drop-shipped directly to your supporters for a quick delivery. A Gold Athletics fundraising coach is always available to ensure that your group gets exactly what they need – quality products and dedicated service.

The list of products for “Ship-to-Home” fundraisers include:

  • Cookie Dough

  • Beef Jerky

  • Home Decor

  • Popcorn

  • Chocolates

  • Custom Tumblers

  • and more…

*Note: Home Decor, Chocolate and Small Cookies come from the same vendor so you can sell these different products within one fundraiser.

"When you work with Gold Athletics, we can help you pick the best option for your team. If you want to sell a discount product, we got you. If you want to run an online donation fundraiser… we got you. If you want to run a ship-to-home virtual fundraiser…we got you. We do not oversaturate the school and market, and because of that we can work with most teams/schools and do a different fundraiser every time with very similar results."
- Matt Ross, Director of Sales @ Gold Athletics

Once your team picks their fundraising outlet, it’s go time! You can run with it, hand-in-hand with an experienced fundraising Coach from our team. As with all of our programs, Gold Athletics come to you and will take care of all the details, motivating everyone to kick off a successful fundraiser.


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