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Why Gold Athletics Stands Out with the Most Options: Different Types of Fundraisers Fans LOVE

When it comes to successful fundraising, variety and choice are key. Gold Athletics (GA) has distinguished itself from competitors by offering the most diverse range of fundraiser options available. This strategic advantage not only meets the varied interests of supporters but also guarantees higher profits and less hassle for organizers. Here’s an complete list of reasons why Gold Athletics is the obvious choice for your next fundraiser.

Unmatched Variety: Different Types of Fundraisers for Every Preference

Gold Athletics understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to fundraising. That’s why they offer a plethora of fundraiser types, ensuring that every group can find an option that resonates with their supporters. Whether it’s product sales, events, or donation-based fundraisers, GA has it all. This extensive variety means no more repetitive and boring fundraisers—every event can be fresh and engaging.

The Power of Choice: Let Your Supporters Decide

One of the standout benefits of GA’s diverse offerings is the power of choice it gives to supporters. When supporters can choose how they want to contribute, they feel more engaged and committed to the cause. This freedom translates into less pushback and more enthusiastic participation. Whether they prefer buying a product, attending an event, or simply making a donation, supporters have the autonomy to decide their mode of support.

Gold Cards & Gold Tickets: Our most popular fundraisers, Gold Cards and Gold Tickets, give supporters access to over 20+ deals to local stores and restaurants. These cards and tickets provide significant savings, making them a hit with supporters who love getting value for their contributions.

Gold Rush: Our online donation platform, Gold Rush, runs 100% through the Gold Athletics App and offers teams a better profit percentage than our competitors. This seamless digital option is perfect for modern fundraisers looking to maximize efficiency and revenue.

Cookie Dough:  Supporters and their whole family enjoy our variety of delicious cookie dough flavors. This classic fundraiser is always a crowd-pleaser and a surefire way to boost profits.

Popcorn & Artisan Nuts: Pick from an assortment of different popcorn and nut flavors, ranging from savory to sweet. There’s something for everyone, making this fundraiser a versatile option for any group.

Coffee: Offer supporters a selection of different coffee blends or combine this fundraiser with our trail mix option to allow supporters to purchase variety packs. This customizable option is perfect for coffee lovers and snack enthusiasts alike.

Jerky: These delicious savory snacks come in two packs, perfect for sporting events, outdoor activities, or just something to munch on. Jerky is a unique and popular option that stands out from typical fundraisers.

Chocolate: Satisfy the sweet tooth cravings with a variety of chocolate options, including variety packs. This decadent choice is sure to attract many supporters.

Candles & Home Decor: Choose from an assortment of Kringle Candles in addition to deluxe houseware items. These products are changed seasonally, correlating to the fundraising season, ensuring a fresh and relevant offering each time.

Custom Tumblers: Available in various shapes and sizes, these custom tumblers are perfect for supporters to show their team spirit and support. This practical and personalized option is a hit with supporters.

Pretzels & Waffles: Choose from an assortment of different pretzel and waffle flavors. These can be purchased individually or together in a variety pack, offering a delightful treat for supporters.

Trail Mix:  Medleys and mixes that supporters can’t resist. Choose from delicious savory and sweet trail mix combinations. This tasty fundraiser offers something for everyone, from snacks for practice to games to road trips.

NEW Cheese & Charcuterie: Explore the diverse flavor combinations of our exceptional meats, cheeses, and accompaniments. This gourmet option is perfect for more sophisticated fundraising events.

Less Complaints, More Satisfaction

Fundraising can sometimes lead to complaints from supporters who feel pressured or uninterested in the chosen method. With GA’s broad array of options, this issue is significantly reduced. By offering multiple ways to contribute, Gold Athletics ensures that there’s something for everyone, leading to fewer complaints and a more positive fundraising experience.

Guaranteed Highest Profit Percentage

Gold Athletics not only offers variety but also guarantees the highest profit percentage among competitors. This commitment means that organizations receive more money from each fundraiser, reducing concerns from supporters about where their money is going. With Gold Athletics, you can assure your supporters that their contributions are making a substantial impact.

Transparency and Trust: Where the Money Goes

Supporters are more likely to contribute when they know their money is being well spent. Gold Athletics provides clear and transparent breakdowns of fundraising profits, ensuring that every supporter understands exactly how their money is being used. This transparency builds trust and encourages continued participation in future fundraisers.

the Value of Choice for Teams & Their Supporters

The value of choice cannot be overstated. By allowing supporters to select their preferred way to contribute, Gold Athletics taps into personal interests and preferences, making fundraising a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. This focus on choice not only increases participation rates for different types of fundraisers but also enhances the overall success of each fundraiser.

Prizes and Rewards: Recognizing Efforts During Different Types of Fundraisers

Each fundraiser comes with a range of exciting prizes and rewards, motivating supporters to give their best effort. These incentives not only show appreciation but also add an element of fun and competition to the fundraising process.

Choosing Gold Athletics for your fundraising needs means selecting a partner that offers unmatched variety, the highest profit margins, and a commitment to supporter satisfaction. With the power of choice, transparent profit breakdowns, and exciting rewards, GA stands head and shoulders above the competition. When planning your next fundraiser, make the obvious choice—choose Gold Athletics.



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