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Sprinting to Success: Cocalico's Proven Track Record - Cookie Dough Fundraiser with Gold Athletics [Case Study]

In an impressive display of teamwork and dedication, the Cocalico Track Team, under the guidance of Fundraising Coach Brian Ludwig, hosted a new type of fundraiser for their team: selling cookie dough to supporters, near and far. The athletes crossed the finish line selling a staggering $18,822.64 worth of cookies and used our Gold Athletics App to sprint to success in under 4 weeks, receiving support nationwide from fans.

Cocalico Track team's fundraising initiative underscores Gold Athletics' commitment to providing a diverse array of over 13 fundraiser options, ensuring teams can break free from the monotonous cycle of repetitive fundraisers. With alternatives ranging from discount cards to various other products, Gold Athletics ensures athletes remain engaged and motivated season after season, all on a single, user-friendly platform. This strategic approach not only alleviates the "redundant headache" of annual cookie sales but also injects a fresh dose of excitement into fundraising efforts, proving that variety truly is the spice of life in team fundraising.

This case study delves into Cocalico Track's successful strategies, the pivotal role of the Gold Athletics app, and the unbeatable spirit of their 108 athletes who turned this fundraiser into a triumph.

Fully Baked Strategy: Gold Athletics Cookie Dough Fundraiser

The Cocalico Track Team's journey to fundraising success was meticulously planned and executed with the Gold Athletics app playing a central role. From the get-go, the goal was clear: leverage the strong community support and the athletes' network to maximize outreach. With a total of 288 emails sent, the strategy hinged on personalizing communication, ensuring that each message resonated with potential supporters.

The Gold Athletics app's intuitive interface made it easy for participants to track their progress, send reminders, and share their personal stories, creating a compelling case for support. This digital approach not only streamlined the process but also allowed for real-time updates, keeping the momentum high throughout the campaign.

Sweet, Sweet Victory with The Gold Athletics App

Choosing cookie dough as their fundraising product was a strategic move. The allure of high-quality, delicious cookie dough proved irresistible, leading to an average purchase value of $51.85 across 363 supporters in total. The simplicity of the product, coupled with its wide appeal, made it an easy sell for the track athletes, who capitalized on the community's sweet tooth to drive sales.

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A Game-Changer in Fundraising: The Gold Athletics App

The unsung hero of this fundraising saga was the Gold Athletics App. Its seamless functionality enabled participants to easily connect with fans, track their sales, and stay motivated by watching their efforts translate into real-time results. The app's ability to engage and inspire was evident in the total online sales, amounting to a remarkable $18,822.64 in just a few weeks.

Prizes & Rewards: Celebrating Cocalico Track Team's Achievement

As a token of appreciation for their hard work, participants received prizes and rewards that not only celebrated their achievement but also motivated them for future endeavors. These incentives, facilitated through Brian Ludwig, Fundraising Coach at Gold Athletics, underscored the value placed on each athlete's contribution, fostering a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

Example of custom apparel gear rewards that Cocalico used as incentives during the fundraiser.

The Cocalico Track Team's cookie dough fundraiser is a testament to what can be achieved with the right mix of product, strategy, and technology. Gold Athletics has once again proven to be an invaluable partner in turning fundraising goals into reality, providing a platform that empowers teams to reach new heights. As the Cocalico Track Team embarks on their next fundraising adventure, their story remains a source of inspiration and a blueprint for success.


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