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Two Days In Boston with Gold Athletics: 2024 Team Meeting Highlights

The end of June 2024 marked an exciting milestone for the Gold Athletics team as our members and partners from across the United States converged for our annual meeting in the heart of Boston.

This highly anticipated meeting of the minds served as a platform to discuss current operations, unveil new products, and review updates to fundraising options that will set the stage for an unforgettable Fall with new and existing teams and programs. From new fundraiser options to game-changing app developments and gear rewards packages, the Gold Athletics team left no stone unturned in the pursuit of fundraising excellence. Oh, and we captured some fun social media content while we were all together, too!

New Reps Join the Gold Athletics Family

Since last year’s meeting, this was the first time four of our newest reps met in person along with the rest of the team. We were thrilled to welcome Trevor Rose from Central NY, Jeff & Blaise Whitman from New Hampshire and Northern MA, Jonah Normandeau in Maine, and Colin Chatto from North New Jersey. Their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm are set to bring even more success to our teams and programs.

The Gold Athletics team gathering after the second day of the meeting for some team bonding.
The Gold Athletics team gathering after the second day of the meeting for some team bonding.

Launching New Fundraising Options

One of the highlights of the meeting was the introduction of new candies as part of our fundraising lineup. These sweet treats are expected to be a big hit with supporters, providing teams with even more options to raise funds effectively. The addition of these products underscores Gold Athletics' commitment to offering diverse and profitable fundraising solutions.

Unveiling New App Features

The Gold Athletics and Gold Deals+ apps are pivotal tools in our fundraising efforts, and we were excited to review the new features currently in development. These updates aim to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and provide teams with more robust tools to track and maximize their fundraising efforts. Stay tuned for more details as these features roll out!

Celebrating Customer Service Milestones & Achievements

We took the time to celebrate the targets met and milestones reached in our operations and customer service departments. Our team has worked tirelessly to support our programs along with their family and friends, and the results have been outstanding. Our Director of Operations, Alex Ryan, presented quantifiable achievements highlighting just how far we’ve come in providing top-notch customer service to every participant and supporter. Additionally, we announced our new mission statement and values, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and community.

Vendor Visits and Product Insights

This year saw the most vendor visits we’ve ever had, allowing us to learn more about the fantastic products we offer. Building strong relationships with our vendors ensures that we can continue to provide high-quality products for our fundraisers. These interactions were invaluable in understanding the innovations and improvements that can benefit our fundraising programs.

Boosting Financial Literacy

A special session was led by former GA intern, Jack R. Nasarian of Osaic Wealth, Inc., focusing on boosting financial literacy for professional and personal accounting. This presentation provided our team with valuable insights and strategies to manage finances more effectively, both in business and personal contexts.

Even Better Prizes & Rewards for Top Performers

No Gold Athletics meeting would be complete without recognizing the hard work of our team members. This year, we introduced exciting gear rewards offerings for top performers, ensuring that their efforts do not go unnoticed. These incentives are not only a token of appreciation but also a motivation for everyone to continue striving for excellence.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next? 

With these new developments and insights, Gold Athletics is more prepared than ever to tackle the upcoming fundraising season. Our dedication to innovation, customer service, and team support remains unwavering. Here's to an exciting Fall filled with successful fundraisers and strong community engagement!

For more information on our new fundraising options and app features, stay tuned to our updates and follow us on social media. @goldathletics 



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