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Does Your Team Have What it Takes to Profit?

Top teams need top money. It is no mistake that the best run programs have top notch equipment. Coaches know what is needed for their team, and the best coaches find equipment that improves their players. The next question is: Does your team have the skills, support and drive that is takes to profit big time?

Coaches need to have balance between dreaming big and setting realistic goals for equipment. Yes, teams can make $5,000, but does your team have what it takes to make $25,000? We have teams that do. Of course, team roster numbers and demographics can play a huge part in fundraising, but even more important is the commitment the coach makes. If fundraising is treated and prepared for like a game, you will win and you will profit, BIG! The difference starts with the Coach. If the Coach is committed to our strategies, players are held accountable, and the team’s fundraiser will succeed!

Keep reading to see what top teams your fundraising profits say about your team:


ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability is what sets a fundraiser apart. Coaches who hold their players accountable tend to raise the bar higher.

COACH THAT COMMITS: There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Our strategies are tried and true. It all comes down to following the program and how committed and engaged you are to selling as a team.

  • What sets a $25k fundraiser apart from a 15k fundraiser? To take profits to the next level, coaches need to follow the program and commit to accountability.

LAST PUSH EFFORTS: Blitz nights, kick-offs, last day pushes for the fundraiser all make up the whole effort.

NEEDS VS WANTS: All coaches have lists of what they NEED, versus what they WANT. For example, they want new practice sleds and they want Black Out Jerseys. Top team profits get to dip into their wishlist in addition to their necessity list.


If we have a team that makes $25,000 during a fundraiser, it would be a challenge for them to keep that streak up without the help of Gold Athletics. We have motivated thousands of teams to reach and surpass their profit goals, while providing consistent, reliable support every step of the way. Gold Athletics programs move quickly and smoothly, and your brief effort banks essential cash for the entire season and beyond.

Our goal is your goal – because we are nothing without our teams. Contact us to get started at to learn more.


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