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Why Gold Athletics? Well, we hold ourselves to a Gold Standard and follow the Golden Rule.


We PRIDE ourselves on our integrity.  We provide individual attention and outstanding service to every single team we work with.  We set ourselves apart from other fundraising organizations with an unparalleled level of enthusiastic partnership before, during, and after your fundraiser. 


We schedule meetings on your time, face-to-face, to prioritize your teams’ individual needs.   We work tirelessly behind the scenes to create real partnerships with local businesses and national vendors to provide superior products for the teams we work with.   


We don’t break promises, we’ve never “mailed it in”, and we put enormous energy into each and every relationship we have.  We aim to earn the privilege of working with you season after season.


We have motivated thousands of teams to reach and surpass their profit goals, while providing consistent, reliable support every step of the way.  Our programs move quickly and smoothly, and your brief effort banks essential cash for the entire season and beyond.  


Our goal is your goal – because we are nothing without our teams.



We don’t hit our goals unless you hit yours.

So we don’t rest until the final buzzer.


“I choose to work with Gold Athletics because they provide great products, first-class service, and have a proven track record.  Equally important, our players get practice developing people skills, are responsible for their results, and get rewarded for performance while helping our team. Gold Athletics is easily the best fundraising partner I have worked with during my 25-year coaching career.”     

Steve Dembowski - Head CoacH

 Milton High school Football


"This was my first time running a fundraiser, and with Gold Athletics' help, we had our most successful fundraiser in over 4 years!  I felt like I had a partner throughout the whole experience. My Fundraising Coach was flexible when things didn’t go as anticipated, and made himself available for special events which took place during his personal time.  To say that he went above and beyond is a huge understatement. I was extremely impressed!”




“I have a great working relationship with Gold Athletics. Our Fundraising Coach is upbeat and well organized; he comes totally prepared and gets the athletes excited. I’ve never had it so easy when trying to raise money! Anyone with a need or desire to raise money for their athletic program should contact Gold Athletics - you won’t regret the results."

bob lockerby - head coach

bellows falls high school football


"I enjoy working with our Fundraising Coach. There are multiple products to offer and he has a great sense of what to market. He walks us through all of the steps, is super organized, and eliminates the guesswork!"

Chris beil - Head Coach

 glenelg high school basketball and lacrosse


"Gold Athletics brings a high level of professionalism and experience to team fundraising. Every season, our fundraiser is highly profitable, and well-organized from start to finish. As a coach, you are inundated with various fundraising opportunities, but Gold Athletics has proven to be the best! 

Christian Hole - HEAD COACH

Governor Mifflin High School baseball


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