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Lacrosse Team Scores Big with Gold Ticket Fundraiser, selling $12,000 Worth

In a stirring showcase of community spirit and strategic fundraising, the Damascus Lacrosse team, in partnership with Kelly Cunningham of Gold Athletics, embarked on a remarkable journey that crushed their ambitious $12,000 fundraising goal. This case study unfolds the success story behind their Gold Ticket 2023 fundraiser, shedding light on the strategy, execution, and community engagement that propelled them to achieve their target.

The Gold Ticket Drive: Strategy and Execution

Spring 2023 saw the Damascus Lacrosse team tackle their fundraising goal head-on, armed with Gold Tickets—a popular choice for Gold Athletics fundraisers, made possible by the dedicated Gold Athletics Merchant Team. Unlike traditional fundraising methods, Gold Tickets offered supporters valuable deals through tear-out coupons from local and national businesses, all while showcasing the Damascus team's spirit. This innovative approach not only appealed to the community's desire to score a DEAL but also to support their local youth sports team in a meaningful way.

Team Effort and Community Engagement

With a total of 32 lacrosse players participating, the 2023 fundraiser was a testament to teamwork and the community’s willingness to support local school sports. The strategy was straightforward: leverage the simplicity and appeal of Gold Tickets to engage supporters. Tailored with the team’s graphics and organized in a user-friendly booklet, each Gold Ticket became a symbol of the community’s support for the lacrosse team, making it both a fundraising tool and a token of communal pride.

Prizes and Rewards: Celebrating Success

In recognition of the players’ hard work and dedication, Gold Athletics ensured that the rewards were both generous and meaningful. Prizes ranged from high-quality team gear to customized accessories, creating a tangible sense of achievement and appreciation for the participants. These rewards served not only as a thank you but also as a motivation for future participation, embodying the spirit of giving back to those who contribute to the team’s success.

The Big Impact of Gold Tickets Have on Fundraising

Reaching their $12,000 goal was a milestone for Damascus Lacrosse, marking the fundraiser as a resounding Spring fundraising success story. The effectiveness of Gold Tickets in this endeavor highlighted their value as a fundraising tool, perfectly suited for lacrosse or other sports teams looking to engage their community and raise funds efficiently. The simplicity of the Gold Ticket tear-out coupons, combined with the appealing offers from local and national businesses, proved to be a winning formula for the Damascus Lacrosse team.

Gold Athletics: A Partner in Success

Behind every successful fundraiser is a team that believes in the cause. Gold Athletics, through products like Gold Tickets, continues to support local sports teams by offering innovative fundraising solutions that bring communities together. The success of the Damascus Lacrosse team is a testament to the effective partnership between sports teams and Gold Athletics, highlighting the impact of collaboration and innovative fundraising tools on achieving communal goals.

As we celebrate the success of the Damascus Lacrosse Gold Ticket fundraiser, we're reminded of the power of community and the innovative solutions that make such achievements possible. Gold Athletics remains dedicated to supporting local sports teams, offering products like Gold Tickets and Gold Cards that benefit both teams and their supporters. Whether you're a team looking to reach your next goal or a supporter eager to make a difference, choosing Gold Athletics means contributing to a noble cause while enjoying fantastic local deals.



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