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Case Study: Milton Football Scores Big Selling 1,716 Gold Card Fundraiser Victory

Milton’s Playbook for Success: Gold Card Fundraiser

In the heart of the 2023 fall season, the Milton Football team embarked on a fundraising journey that not only surpassed their goal but also united the community and showcased the power of teamwork and strategic execution. With an initial aim to raise $40,000, the team tackled their objective head-on, orchestrating a Gold Card Fundraiser that ended up selling 1,716 Gold Cards. This case study delves into the playbook of their success, revealing the tactics and spirit that drove the Milton Football team to achieve remarkable results.

The Game Plan: Strategy & Execution Using The GA App

Running for a few weeks in late August 2023, the fundraiser was a sprint to the finish line, involving 99 athletes in a coordinated effort to connect with supporters via phone, email and face-toface. Through a meticulously planned campaign led by Matt Ross, the football team sent out 1,044 emails, a testament to their dedication and the digital strategy that underpinned their efforts. This digital push was not just about reaching out; it was about engaging a community, rallying support, and emphasizing the value of contributing to the cause.

Community Engagement: The Heart of the Gold Card Campaign

At the core of Milton Football's fundraising success was a profound level of community engagement. The campaign saw 1,152 supporters step up to the plate, each contributing to the cause with an average purchase value of $37.24. This wasn't just a transaction; it was a community coming together to back their team, demonstrating the strength and unity of the Milton spirit.

Strategic Insights: Lessons from the Field

One of the key strategies that set Milton Football apart was their personalized approach to communication. By leveraging the power of personalized emails, the team was able to connect with potential supporters on a more personal level, driving home the importance of their contributions and the impact they would have. Furthermore, Gold Athletics' decision to cover all prize contributions amplified the fundraiser's appeal, ensuring that every penny raised went directly towards the team's goals.

The Victory: Metrics of Success

Total Sold: 1,716 Gold Cards

Participation: 95 athletes, each playing a pivotal role in the campaign's success.

Community Support: 1,152 supporters, reflecting the widespread backing of the initiative.

Engagement: An average of 1.49 purchase units per supporter, showcasing the high level of engagement and generosity among the community.

Efficiency: With an average purchase value of $37.24, the fundraiser not only met but exceeded expectations, highlighting the community's willingness to invest in their team's future.

Milton Football: A Community United Through Fundraising 

The Milton Football team's Gold Card Fundraiser wasn't just a win on the financial front; it was a demonstration of strategic planning, community involvement, and the unwavering spirit of a team determined to exceed their goals. This case study serves as a playbook for other teams looking to engage their community and achieve fundraising success. It's a testament to what can be achieved when strategy, dedication, and community support come together in pursuit of a common goal.

As the Milton Football team looks ahead to future seasons, their fundraiser victory selling 1,716 Gold Cards stands as a shining example of what's possible when a team and its community work hand in hand. The Milton Football team’s success story is a blueprint for victory, both on and off the field.

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