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How to Maximize Your Summer: Prep for Fall Fundraising

School is out, and the last thing on anyone's mind is fundraising. However, for the many coaches who are also teachers, the summer is an invaluable time to set the stage for a successful fall fundraiser. At Gold Athletics, we understand the importance of a well-prepared strategy, which is why we spend our summer months ensuring everything is in place for an even bigger and better fall.

Summer Tips: for a Fall Fundraiser Like No Other

As much as fundraising is on your mind, summer is the time to enjoy a well-deserved break. While you're soaking up the sun, Gold Athletics is hard at work. Our goal is to make sure you're ready to hit the ground running when fundraising season starts. This summer, we're hosting our annual team meeting to select new prizes and fundraising products, ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal.

Enhancing Our Gold Athletics App Sales Dashboard

To support our sales reps with the latest technology, we're creating a more feature-rich sales dashboard that will go live this fall. This includes:

  • Improved analytical tools for better fundraising insights

  • Verbiage updates for clearer communication to coaches and program leaders

  • Sneak Peak: We are rebranding our app! Gold Athletics will now offer non-athletics Fundraising, to cater to non-athletic groups, in addition to sports programs

Boosting the Power of Gold Cards

Our Gold Cards are getting a major upgrade. You can now:

  • Transfer cards to friends and family members

  • Enjoy variety packs and bundles of digital gold cards for wider distribution

  • Access over 100,000 online deals from national businesses, in addition to local favorites

Planning for Prizes: Prepping Before Kickoff

Before the school year starts, we ensure that all your prizes and fundraising plans are ready to go. This includes scheduling key milestone meetings to ensure success:

  • Gameplan meetings

  • Kickoff dates

  • Blitz day

  • Prize Gear giveaway day 

Our reps, managing over 50 fundraisers in their territories, work tirelessly all summer to guarantee that your fundraiser is strong and effective early in the season.

Ensuring Merchant Partnerships

If your fall fundraiser involves discount products, we double our efforts in the summer to secure merchant partnerships. This preparation ensures that your fundraiser has the best deals and highest participation rates.

How to Prep for A Successful Fall Fundraiser In The Summer

Here are some summer tips to enhance your programs Fall fundraising efforts:

  • Build up your community! Engage with your community over the summer. Attend local events, support community initiatives, and start building relationships that will be invaluable once fundraising season begins.

  • Plan ahead and set your dates! Set your fundraiser dates early and start spreading the word. This helps create anticipation and ensures everyone is ready to participate when the time comes.

  • Engage the team to plant the seeds of unity. Use the summer to build team spirit and excitement. Plan team-building activities that will keep your team motivated and ready to take on fundraising challenges.

At Gold Athletics, we believe that preparation is the key to success. By taking advantage of the summer months, we ensure that your fall fundraiser is a resounding success. Whether you're planning a traditional fundraiser or exploring digital deals, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. For more information and to start planning your fall fundraiser, visit our website. Let's make this the best fundraising season yet.


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