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We're growing! Gold Athletics Welcomes Two New Fundraising Reps to New Hampshire Team: Meet Jeff Whitman & Blaise Whitman

Gold Athletics is thrilled to announce our expansion into New Hampshire, bringing unmatched value and expertise to even more schools and athletic programs in the Granite State. With the addition of two seasoned fundraising coaches, Jeff Whitman and Blaise Whitman, we're set to revolutionize the way New Hampshire teams and organizations achieve their fundraising goals.

Meet Our New Fundraising Coaches: Jeff Whitman & Blaise Whitman

With an impressive 27 years of experience in the fundraising industry, Jeff Whitman is passionate about helping coaches and young athletes reach their goals. Jeff's dedication to making fundraising a fulfilling and successful endeavor ensures that participants feel proud of their hard work and achievements.

Hailing from Salisbury, MA, Blaise Whitman is committed to empowering kids and teams to reach their potential and enhance their programs. Blaise's expertise and enthusiasm for fundraising make him a valuable addition to the Gold Athletics team, now serving New Hampshire schools and sports teams.

Jeff Whitman and Blaise Whitman are ready to hit the ground running in New Hampshire and Massachusetts to help even more youth programs.
Jeff Whitman and Blaise Whitman are ready to hit the ground running in New Hampshire and Massachusetts to help even more youth programs.

Why Gold Athletics?

Secure and Reliable

Jeff and Blaise chose Gold Athletics because they wanted to be part of an organization that prioritizes security and reliability for New Hampshire sports fundraising.

Our commitment to top-notch data security means New Hampshire teams' financial information is always protected. We adhere to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards, ensuring the secure processing of credit card payments. Our systems are regularly audited as part of our SOC 1 & SOC 2 compliance programs, safeguarding supporter data from unauthorized access.

Exceptional Support

Gold Athletics provides white-glove support and a dedicated merchant team to assist New Hampshire teams every step of the way. Our coaches, including Jeff and Blaise, will be there to ensure your team's success, providing personalized guidance and resources. No coach or player is left behind.

This hands-on support was a key reason Jeff and Blaise decided to join Gold Athletics—they saw the difference it made in helping teams across the United States achieve their fundraising goals.

Proven Success in New Hampshire

With over 100 years of combined fundraising experience, Gold Athletics has a proven track record of success. We have exclusive partnerships with prestigious organizations like the Massachusetts Secondary Schools Athletic Directors Association (MSSADA) and the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA). Our relationships are built on trust and integrity, values that Jeff and Blaise hold dear and which influenced their decision to join our team. Now, New Hampshire schools and sports programs can benefit from this legacy of success.

Diverse Fundraising Options

Gold Athletics offers a variety of fundraising options to keep New Hampshire teams' efforts fresh and engaging.

From Gold Cards and Raffles to Popcorn, Cookie Dough, Custom Tumblers, and more, we provide the flexibility to choose what works best for your community. Our innovative approach often doubles or even triples results year over year, preventing donor fatigue and ensuring continued support. Jeff and Blaise are excited to bring these diverse options to New Hampshire, helping teams find the perfect fit for their needs.

Quality Rewards

Participants in our fundraisers enjoy top-tier local and national business deals, offering supporters valuable discounts to their favorite spots. This not only motivates participants but also adds significant value to every transaction. The quality rewards program was another major draw for Jeff and Blaise, who wanted to ensure New Hampshire teams had access to the best incentives possible.

Join The Winning Team at #Goldathletics

With Jeff and Blaise Whitman now part of our team, Gold Athletics is poised to bring unparalleled fundraising expertise to New Hampshire. We invite you to join us and experience the difference that our dedicated coaches and proven strategies can make for your team.

For more information on how Gold Athletics can benefit New Hampshire teams, please reach out here to be connected with Jeff or Blaise. Let's achieve great things together!



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