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Tale of Two Teams: Girls & Boys Medina Track Sell Over $39,850 Worth of Gold Tickets

Updated: Mar 22

As we gear up for this year's Spring season, the excitement is palpable! Before we sprint into Spring 2024, we want to reflect on the remarkable journey and monumental successes of the Medina Track Teams during their 2023 season. With another Gold Ticket fundraiser currently underway with Medina Track this March 2024, we're committed to making this upcoming Spring their best one yet. Let's reflect on their past sprints to gold ticket fundraiser success.

A Tale of Two Teams

Last year, the Medina Girls and Boys Track teams took on the challenge of the Gold Ticket Fundraiser with unparalleled enthusiasm and determination. Facilitated by Robby Muniak at Gold Athletics, their endeavor was nothing short of spectacular, raising nearly $42,300 collectively in a few short weeks. The dedication and teamwork demonstrated by both teams in overcoming financial hurdles, coupled with the overwhelming support from over 1,200 community members, have set a new standard of achievement.

Their story is a powerful one, about the relentless pursuit of excellence, both on the track and in their spirited community engagement. Let's dive into how these young track athletes sprinted towards success, setting new benchmarks for their future fundraisers.

The Girls Team: A Race To The Top

For just two weeks, the Medina Girls Track team dedicated themselves not only to their running times, but to their fundraising efforts, as well. With a target of selling more than 640 Gold Tickets together, they managed to sell $14,875 worth!! This achievement was no small feat, equating to nearly 600 gold tickets—an impressive number just around their BIG goal that speaks volumes of their commitment and the backing of their supporters.

Medina Girls Track Team
For just two weeks in March 2023, the Medina Girls Track team dedicated themselves not only to their running times, but to their fundraising efforts, as well.

The Boys Team: Breaking Records

Simultaneously, the Medina Boys Track team demonstrated their prowess, not by breaking physical records on the field, but by shattering their $30,000 fundraising goal. They raised a staggering $27,425 towards that target, selling around 1,100 Gold Tickets. This remarkable achievement was made possible by strategy, execution, and the overwhelming support from their community.

The Medina Boys Track Team sold $27,375 worth of Gold Tickets in 2023 and are on track to beat their last record again this year!
The Medina Boys Track Team sold $27,375 worth of Gold Tickets in 2023 and are on track to beat their last record again this year!

The Power of Community: Over 1,200 Supporters Rallying Together

One of the most heartwarming aspects of this fundraising event was the average of 1.5 units purchased by each supporter, indicating that many of the over 1,200 backers bought more than one ticket to support their teams. This level of engagement and support showcases the strong bond between the teams and their community, a key factor in their near-record-breaking success.

Gold Tickets: The MVP of Fundraising

At the heart of this fundraising success was the Gold Ticket, a top-seller product from Gold Athletics. These tickets are not just fundraising tools; they are golden keys to valuable discounts at 12 to 16 local and national businesses, offering a win-win for supporters and the teams. The customization of each Gold Ticket with the team's graphics and logo added a personal touch, making each ticket a memento of support and pride.

Celebrating Success with Prizes & Rewards

As part of their fundraising efforts, participants were not just working towards their team goals but also had their eyes on some exciting gear prizes. [IMAGE] These prizes served as an additional motivation for the athletes, celebrating their hard work and dedication with tangible rewards. The appreciation and recognition of their efforts were embodied in these rewards, showcasing Gold Athletics' commitment to not just meeting fundraising goals but also valuing the participants' contributions.

As we look back on this success story, it's clear that with the right strategy, execution, and incentives, any youth program or high school sports team can turn their fundraising goals from dreams into reality. Gold Athletics remains at the forefront of empowering teams to achieve their best, proving that when it comes to fundraising,

Nice Work Team!! Medina Boys & Girls Track teams are in a league of their own.

Join us in celebrating the Medina Track Teams' impressive accomplishments and rallying once again to support their journey. With the same vigor and community spirit that led to last year's triumphs, we're looking forward to another outstanding season for their athletes and coaches in 2024. Support the Medina Track Teams and make this Spring season unforgettable!

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