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How to Make 5k in 5 Days with Your Team

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Every athletic program could think of dozens of ways to spend available cash. But how much does your team need for that wishlist item that seems out of reach? For example: does your baseball team travel to a tournament every year, but coach & player families have to come out of pocket for travel costs? What if a quick, simple, effective fundraiser could cover those expenses for the entire team? Talk about motivation! A unified team under enthusiastic leadership working toward a common, exciting goal is THE KEY to a successful fundraiser. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make it happen, with the Gold Athletics 5-5-5 plan: 5 Steps to make 5k in 5 days!

  • Step 1: Identify the specific need.

  • Step 2: Identify the budget required to meet this need.

  • Step 3: Call Gold Athletics to decide on the fundraising program that will get your group to meet and exceed that goal.

  • Step 4: Kick off your fundraiser with the full “BUY-IN” from your team.

  • Step 5: Sell sell sell: reiterate the goal OFTEN, hold participants accountable DAILY, and motivate NON-STOP!


Big dreams? We can help.

Here’s 5 examples of teams who used our 5-5-5 plan... and blew their own expectations out of the water.

Clay McAllister from Mechanicsburg Baseball said he put their money towards a trip to North Carolina. Where the team got to attend the USA Baseball facility in Cary, NC, as well as visited North Carolina and Duke games.


Justin Franczek from Chicopee Comp Baseball said he put their money towards playing a game at Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford.


Matt Gingrich from Annville-Cleona Football said he put their money towards purchasing items for players that could not afford them along with sweatshirts for all the kids.


Leland Hayford from Twin Valley Middle High School said he put their money towards a new scoreboard in hopes that It will be operational in the fall.


Bryan Forman from Simsbury High School Softball said he is putting their money towards their team banquet and new field equipment.


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