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Q&A with Garrett Kendziera, West Springfield Coach

What do you love most about your sport?

I think the thing I love most or enjoy the most is seeing my players develop over the course of their high school careers. The way they start as a bunch of individuals, which begin to trust each other over time and become a true family that supports one another.


What has been your greatest accomplishment?

In regards to accomplishments I don’t necessarily believe statistics are accomplishments. Win, lose, league championships and state championships. Sure, we are striving to win and we have had a very successful program over the last 10 years but having many of our athletes coming back to the program and helping out, wanting to continue to build the program they were a part of is a true accomplishment in my eyes.


Where was your fundraising profit spent?

Much of the money we have raised has gone into improving our baseball field. We have been able to build a bullpen, buy a shed, build a batting cage, hitting turtle as well as pay for part of our new dugout.


What was the biggest challenge you overcame this year with your team?

I believe the greatest challenge for my team this past year was “trusting” one another. In the first few games of the season because we had a lot of new varsity players, they didn't trust one another to do “their” job. Once they began to understand that they would have to trust one another to have success, they really took off as a team.


Your favorite motivational quote:

As far as quotes go I like to keep it simple and to the point.

There are two quotes I use pretty consistently with my athletes:

“Be a goldfish” - Ted Lasso
“Big Players, Make Big Plays, In Big Games”

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Athletics Twitter: @wshsterriers

Personal Instagram: @gramlessg

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