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What Coaches Need to Make 20k

Coach involvement during a team fundraiser is what makes or breaks the effort. Strategy makes a difference between $5k and $20k in profit. Let’s dive into what makes a High School Sports fundraiser go from average to “elite” with these six strategies for Coaches!

Coach Participation - A little bit goes a long way. Coaches need to be part of the effort of promoting and supporting the fundraiser.

Measurables in Place - Our new app allows you to monitor the fundraiser in live time tracking. Set checkpoints (above and beyond the ones already in the fundraiser) and goals for 5 days, 7 days, 10 days in all the way until the end.

PROMOTE - The more you talk about it, the less the players will back-burner it.

Accountability - No excuses! Holding everyone accountable to the goal means sticking to it together.

Stick to Goals - Set it, live it, breathe it. If the goal is to sell 25 cards, getting to 18 won't cut it! If a player gets to the 2-yard line when rushing for a touchdown, do they get credited for getting close?? No!

Incentives - Get creative! The Gold Athletics team will always provide top notch incentive inspiration before and rewards throughout fundraisers.

  • TIP: Conditioning passes have always worked as a motivating incentive. Plan a big conditioning night and a way to get out of it with fundraising results.


Wanna succeed? We can help.

Here are a few examples of what coaches did to go above and beyond to

make their fundraiser as successful as possible:

ACHIEVE GOALS: Mark Puzzangara from Scituate High School Boys Lacrosse set a goal of how much money they wanted to earn and when they surpassed that amount he kept on pushing the players to try and sell more product.


GET INVOLVED: Christian Hole from Governor Mifflin Baseball motivated his players to participate, held them accountable at checkpoints, and coordinated prizes with their GA fundraising rep.


MAKE IT FUN: Bobby Rhoads from Warwick Track and Field created small "pods" with-in the team that competed for the highest average number of cards sold. Every member of the winning pod received a gift card. He also promoted it hard at practice and had a launch activity in their town.


THINK STRATEGICALLY: Clay McAllister from Mechanicsburg Baseball held their blitz day at their local Little League opening day ceremony.


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