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12 Days of Fundraising with Gold Athletics

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

We’re kicking off the Twelve Days of Christmas early with “12 Days of Fundraising” with Gold Athletics! These products and services are bound to knock your stockings off! Keep reading to learn more about items, online deals, and discount cards that can be accessed completely through mobile fundraisers on the GA App. And of course, don’t forget customized goodies for supporters to rep their favorite team!


Convenient, wallet-sized, multiple-use card offering discounts at 20 to 25 local and national businesses. We maintain a partnership with each individual business, ensuring desirable deals that are valid for a whole year. Alongside each Gold Card are six Key Tags. Key Tags are typically used to present the most impressive local deals, and are intended for one-time use, unless otherwise specified.

Gold Tickets offer valuable discounts at 12 to 16 local and national businesses in the form of tear-out coupons. We partner personally with trusted local businesses who offer generous discounts as one-time use coupons that are valid for a whole year.

Turn fans into supporters in seconds with the help of Gold Rush. Gold Athletics Online Donation fundraisers utilize Gold Athletics’ proprietary app to send emails, text messages, and share to social media all from one place. We end each Gold Fundraiser with a phone blitz, where athletes call friends and family to put the icing on the cake. Customers get direct links from the player with the player's goal and they have the option to pay by Credit Card, Apple Pay and now, Venmo!!

Supporters receive Kringle Candles fast, they are shipped locally from MA. The candles are available in 4 sizes, and scent variety is based on seasonal availability. Variety packs include candle 3-packs, candle and houseware bundles, etc. In addition, our GA App instantly increases your team’s fundraising abilities by allowing your out-of-town supporters to purchase products online with direct shipping!

Deluxe Houseware fundraiser is paired with Kringle Candle. Assortment of available housewares change seasonally. Variety packs include candle and houseware bundles, etc. In addition, our GA App instantly increases your team’s fundraising abilities by allowing your out-of-town supporters to purchase products online with direct shipping!

Deluxe Cookie Dough is one of Gold Athletics’ best-selling products year-round. Single units come in 2.7lb "scoop-and-bake" tubs. Variety packs are available in various quantities. Some variety packs come in tubs, some in 2.7lb pre-portioned "place-and-bake" boxes. Over a dozen shelf-stable flavors of ready-to-bake cookies can go from frozen to finished in 15 minutes.

Our Artisan Coffee is sold in 12oz bags, with ground bean options. Other assorted items like premium tea and hot cocoa are available in addition to "bundles'' and variety packs. "Bundles'' and variety packs include items like coffee/tea 3-packs, home brewing equipment, measuring equipment, etc.

Our Gourmet Popcorn is salty, chocolatey, indulgent, and hand-crafted in small batches every day. With a six-month shelf life (but trans-fat and preservative free!) you can enjoy this delicious treat anytime. Variety packs available in various assortments, with some GLUTEN FREE, NUT FREE, and VEGAN options included. All popcorn varieties are DAIRY FREE, NON-GMO and certified KOSHER

Our Savory Jerky comes in tons of flavor combinations to satisfy every jerky-lover's taste buds. The mouth watering flavors of premium, artisan blend, handcrafted jerky is sold in two packs per unit, and variety packs. Turkey Jerky, Bacon Jerky, and Premium Wagyu Beef Jerky flavors to come!

Fans can show their support just by bringing their favorite drinks to the game with Team Tumbler Cups! Available in four sizes, all tumblers are high quality powder-coated stainless steel, with customized team colors, logo and engraving. 12oz, 20 oz, 26oz, and 30oz. tumblers fit in standard size cup holders, have a clear slide-close lid for easy drinking visibility, and keep drinks piping hot for 8 hours or ice cold for 24 hours!

Our Sweet Chocolates come in over a dozen different varieties, featuring classic and unique flavors. These chocolates are made from the highest quality ingredients and are sold in our custom variety packs or by themselves. Variety packs are available in quantities of 6 and 8 boxes.

*new Popinsanity Flavored Nuts

Whole roasted nuts are a great treat for yourself or someone you love. These nuts make regular old nuts more special and insanely delicious. Popinsanity handcrafted nuts feature minimal ingredients and maximum flavor. With each bite, they will have you craving more of their sweet goodness!


That’s all for now! We hope this helped you get to know us and our products a little better. If you’re looking for an unforgettable, delicious and profitable fundraiser – look no further! Gold Athletics has everything you need to reach your fundraising goals. So what type of product are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below, we can’t wait to help you raise some money!


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