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Custom Tumblers Raising the Gold Bar: How Chelmsford Girls Lacrosse Fundraiser Scored Big, Selling $19,200+ Worth

In the competitive world of high school sports fundraising, the Chelmsford Lacrosse team, under the guidance of Steve Ash, launched an ambitious campaign that not only surpassed its goals but also showcased the power of innovative fundraising… with custom tumblers! Leveraging the Gold Athletics app, the team embarked on a journey to raise funds, culminating more than a whopping $19,200 in 2023.

As the Chelmsford Girls Lacrosse team continues to raise the bar, they're currently running another exciting fundraiser, set to conclude on April 12, 2024, promising to add another chapter to their success story this year. This case study dives into the strategies employed, the selection of popular products, and the significant role that incentives played in driving the girls' success.

A Strategic Playbook: Tumblers & Technology

At the heart of Chelmsford Lacrosse's fundraising success was the strategic sale of customized tumblers, available in various sizes and designs. These tumblers were carefully chosen for their popularity and appeal to the community. The product lineup included some of our "Fan Favorites" and best-selling tumblers:

  • Chelmsford Custom Tumblers in 20oz and 12oz options, showcasing school pride in silver, white, and black.

  • Sports-themed 20oz Sideline Series tumblers for Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins fans.

  • Lifestyle and patriotic designs, such as "But First, Coffee" and the USA Flag, ensuring there was something for everyone.

This diverse product range catered to a broad audience, from sports enthusiasts to coffee lovers, making it easier for supporters to find a tumbler that resonated with their personal tastes.

Execution Excellence: Chelmsford Girls Lacrosse Fundraiser

Utilizing the Gold Athletics app, the Chelmsford Girls Lacrosse team reached out to potential supporters through email and text campaigns, sending out 2,696 emails, which translated into 419 supporters making purchases. With an average purchase value of over $45 and an average of 1.5 units per purchase, the lacrosse fundraiser execution demonstrated precision and effectiveness. The team's dedication to engaging with their community, combined with the Gold Athletics app’s streamlined purchasing process, played a pivotal role in their lacrosse fundraiser achievement.

Time For Prizes & Rewards: A Token of Appreciation

A noteworthy aspect of the fundraiser was the emphasis on recognizing and rewarding participants for their contributions. Gold Athletics ensured that team members felt appreciated for their efforts by offering prizes and rewards.

The Chelmsford Girls Lacrosse team's fundraising campaign is a nod to the power of community engagement, strategic planning with tumblers & timelines, and the effective use of technology via the Gold Athletics app. By offering a range of appealing custom tumblers, executing a robust marketing strategy, and valuing participant contributions with prizes and rewards, the team set a new standard for high school lacrosse fundraisers. Their success story serves as an inspiring example for other teams looking to score big in their fundraising efforts.


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