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Game On: A Year of Record Breaking Fundraisers for North Point High School Athletes

Last year, North Point High School turned fundraising into a competitive sport, with teams across the board stepping up their game thanks to Gold Athletics Fundraising Coach Kelly Cunningham leading the way. Let's break it down by their strategies and the numbers. Stats don't lie, and every dollar tells a story of community support, determination, and team spirit.

Touchdowns and Triumphs: The Football Team's Gold Card Blitz

$28,275. That's not just a number. It's proof of the Football team's hustle, selling Gold Cards like hotcakes. With 127 players pushing to the goal post, 1,687 emails flying out, and 720 supporters stepping up, the average supporter purchase hit a solid $39.27. What's more, they tackled in-hand sales as well as online donations to add to the pot.

The Long Run: Cross Country's Digital Dash

$11,275 raised entirely online. The Cross Country team, with 67 runners, proved speed isn't just for the track. 2,160 emails later, they had 194 supporters on board, with an average donation of $58.12. The reward was in the race and the impressive finish line they crossed.

Net Gains: Basketball's Dual Court Press

Boys Basketball on the Bounce: With 51 players in the game, the Boys Basketball team raised $12,675. They shot 1,578 emails across the court, rallying 248 supporters with an average assist of $51.11. Every swipe, email sent and donation received built towards their $14,000 goal.

Girls Shooting High: The Girls Basketball team might have been smaller with 29 players, but they scored big, raising $7,425. More than 700 emails were sent to their supporters, each donation averaging a slam dunk of $65 donated. The girls kept it all about the game and the glory.

The Real MVP? Gold Athletics Gold Cards VS Gold Rush Online Donations

What made these numbers possible? Enter Gold Athletics. More than just a platform, we are your support in the fundraising domain, turning strategies into scores. Real-time tracking, quick fund access, and the highest percentage of donations straight to the team's playbook—Gold Athletics is the game-changer in school sports fundraising.

Wrapping Up: The Championship Season

In 2023, North Point High School didn't just raise funds; they raised the bar. Through Gold Cards, online donations, and the unstoppable force of community, they turned their goals into achievements. The real prize? The undeniable proof that when you play as a team, every goal is within reach.

Stats Speak: North Point High School, Fundraising Champions, Powered by Gold Athletics.

In the end, it's not just about the money raised, we celebrate how the game is played and how it elevates the high school sports experience. North Point High School athletics, with Gold Athletics by their side, played it brilliantly.




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