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Case Study: How Youth Football Fundraiser Sold $13K+ Year After Year

Touchdowns off the Field: $13K+ Play with Gold Athletics X Ludlow Youth Football

When it comes to fundraising, Ludlow Youth Football doesn't just run the ball – they run the entire game. It's not about bake sales or car washes; it's about gaining support, pure dedication, teamwork and hustle. And with Gold Athletics in their playbook, they've raised over $13K year after year.

Ludlow's Power Play:

How does a football team make such impressive sales without selling a single ticket to a game? Simple: With the Gold Card Fundraiser from Gold Athletics. And trust us, the stats are as impressive as a last-minute touchdown.

Driving Youth Football FUNDRAISER SALES with Gold Cards

While the world was watching the field, Ludlow Youth Football was making power plays off the field. With their Gold Card Fundraiser, they became masters at selling, drawing in more and more supporters each year.

Rewards for Ludlow Youth PLAYERS

Ludlow's hard work didn’t just end with Gold Card sales. The rewards, customized and decorated with the team's logo, were the cherries on top. And, guess what? Payments came in fast – within 7 days of the fundraiser's closure.


The secret sauce to Ludlow's roaring success? The comprehensive fundraising experience from Gold Athletics. With real-time progress checks, messaging options, and easy sharing on social media, the team wasn't just making sales, they were building relationships. And as any good player knows, it's the relationships that drive the game.


Ludlow Youth Football came prepared. Lists of potential supporters, daily promotions, and constant engagement kept the team on their toes. But with the Gold Athletics app in their pocket, tracking donations, contributions, and engagement became a walk in the park. Their success story is not just about meeting goals, it's about exceeding them, Coaches going the extra mile, and ensuring that every player is well-equipped and ready for the game.

By the Numbers: Year Over Year

Number of Supporters: 310 (2023), 291 (2022)

Average Purchase Value per Supporter: $41.94 (2023), $44.95 (2022)

Total Athletes Involved: 49 (2023), 37 (2022)

Goal? $15k

Amount Raised: $13,000 (2023) $13,080 (2022)

Q&A with Gold Athletics Fundraising Representative, Eric Hiller:

Q: Why did Ludlow Youth Football choose the Gold Card fundraiser, and where are their funds being used?

Eric: The group has chosen the Gold Card fundraiser because it generates substantial funds to be able to help their organization in a quick 2-week fundraiser. The team used their funds this year for new uniforms and other competitive necessities.

Q: Which rewards was the team given? Please tell us a bit about how that worked with Ludlow youth and their coaches.

Eric: The participants were given custom Ubix rewards with their last name and jersey number on the gear. I also offered the league VP, and head coach of the winning sales team a custom hoodie for going the extra mile in making this campaign successful.

Q: Any unique implemented strategies that really made a difference for Ludlow Youth?

Eric: I kick-off the fundraiser the day before the start of practice at an off-site facility. Here I explain the program in it's entirety, and help distribute cards to families in the organization. A lot of families had used the GA App from last year. The new families we shared instructions on how to sign-up.

Q: What was the Ludlow FB team's experience tracking and managing donations / sales?

Eric: Jeremy has expressed his excitement in the Gold Athletics App, and how it makes it's easy to track all matters pertaining to the campaign. He and other members of the organization are big fans of the GA App.

Q: Out of all the fundraising platforms available, why choose Gold Athletics?

Eric: Simple and easy App to use. With the recent updates/improvements it's makes the process smoother.

Q: Got any pro-tips for youth teams aiming for a fundraising win like yours?

Eric: Letting parents know where the know is going is important. Great incentives is a plus.

Q: How can other teams replicate Ludlow's success with Gold Athletics?

Eric: Trust and believe in the process. Ludlow Youth Football and families believe in our process. They also sell out in front of local businesses as long as it's approved by the businesses' management. Active parent help is also key.


If you're a team coach or involved in youth sports and you're eyeing that fundraising trophy, get in touch with Gold Athletics at Be the next team to make a touchdown off the field!


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