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Interview with a Sales Rep: Featuring Matt Curtis - Ep. 4

What do you enjoy most about being a Fundraising Coach in CT?

Being able to support teams in the state I grew up in. I love being able to help coaches and to motivate student athletes like I once was, to be successful not only on the field, but to try your best in everything that you do.

What is the best part about being a Gold Athletics Sales Rep?

The best part about being a sales rep for Gold Athletics is that everyone helps everyone be successful. The support system we have is out of this world. Being able to have questions answered within minutes is a huge help in this industry.

Within the first week of my career, I met all members of the crew, and each one added a different piece of input, that has lead me to success today.

My best memory was going to a Celtics game with my Manager in the third week of the job!

How would you describe the company culture at GA in a few words?

Evolving. Warmhearted and Flexible. Fun and Competitive!

How'd you get into Sports Fundraising at Gold Athletics?

I was a college baseball player who was looking for a career path after school. GA did nothing but guide me in the right direction in becoming a fundraising coach.

What didn’t you know before you started that you wish someone had told you?

I wish I knew how much of a win win situation this industry had before getting into it. Coaches win, Teams win, Families win, and reps win. Our help goes a long way to teams and coaches that I never knew as a high school/college athlete.

What would you tell someone hoping to enter the field?

This career is not your average 9-5 job. Being able to have flexible hours on when and how you reach out to your teams and coaches is such an advantage in this industry. The work from home aspect to it allows for so much work to be done at any hour of the day, along with helping you get things done outside of the work life!

What is one thing that makes you perfect for this job ? And one thing you are striving towards in your role?

One thing that makes me perfect for this job is being able to stay motivated and my relationship with coaches. I strive to help teams to the biggest potential because I know how much the game means to both coaches and players.

One thing I am striving towards in my role is to be someone that others in the company can reach out to. As I grow in the business, I would love to help any new employees on how the role works, and what works well for myself!

What is changing the most in the fundraising industry?

TECHNOLOGY. Having the technology and the ability for products to ship directly to supporters' houses make not only our lives easier, but it makes both coaches and players lives easier. No need to knock on doors, no need to make in hand deliveries, and no need to count cash! It can all be done through the GA App.

How will your role evolve in five, or ten years? How will it get there?

My role will evolve by taking on more independence and helping others. I could not be more thankful for the help Eric gave me as my manager, having the access to call or text him at any time of day, and learning how he grew through the business as well.

I will get there by maintaining connections with my coaches, and always asking our veteran reps on how to get better each year, and how to run the best fundraisers possible!

What kind of person would do well in your role?

Someone who is self-motivated, coachable, and has good communication skills. Over the past year with Gold Athletics I always followed the best strategies to make the best fundraisers, and always asked questions when needed!

Keep up with Fundraising Coach Matt Curtis on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn!

Twitter: Matt Curtis

LinkedIn: Matthew Curtis


ABOUT Gold Athletics is dedicated to career development while servicing the experience for not just Coaches, Supporters and Players, but employees and team members, too! The 'Interview with a Sales Rep' series was created to reach future employees and share GA's company culture, proudly. We are on a roll, sourcing top talent and showing the world what our team is made of. In order to build relationships with current and future reps, we are sharing our Fundraising Reps experience working with the team, about the industry and how we're making waves in today’s world of Sports Fundraising. Company culture is important to us and we want to share the in's and out's, on a more personal level!


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