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Poppin’ Off Profits with Popcorn

Are you a coach looking for new ways to fundraise? Are the usual car washes and raffle drawings not cutting it? Introducing an easy and profitable way to support athletes and get the community involved, all at once: Artisan popcorn! This top-selling fundraiser product has gained immense popularity with our programs, providing teams like yours with an opportunity to grow yearly fundraisers. season after season. Not only does it boost monetary funds but also encourages teamwork among coaches, athletes, and supporters in order to build a culture that will further your achievements. Keep reading to gain insights on how artisan popcorn is an effective fundraising method!

Why Should Your Team Consider a Popcorn Fundraiser?

So, you need a new, exciting way to fundraise, but you're not sure what will work. Artisan popcorn is a top-selling fundraiser that is popular with programs everywhere. Not only does it raise money, but it also encourages teamwork among coaches, athletes, and supporters. Check out these fundraiser successes that artisan popcorn made possible this year! It's a fun way to raise money and get the community involved with sweet treats everyone loves.

Simple & delicious treats took these teams above and beyond in their fundraising efforts:

Plymouth South Football
Raised: $33,625.04

Greater Lowell Football
Raised: $25,634.84

Saranac Lake Football

Raised: $22,981.60

Sachem Youth Football

Raised: $22,380.87

Bel Air Football

Raised: $17,695.34


As with all of our programs, Gold Athletics comes to you and takes care of all the details, motivating everyone to kick off a successful fundraiser. As orders are placed, popcorn and artisan nut products are drop-shipped directly to supporters for a quick delivery. One of our fundraising coaches is always available to ensure that teams and programs get exactly what they need – quality products and dedicated service.

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