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[Press Release] Making Waves in Mass.- EMISCA Dives into Exclusive Fundraising Sponsor Partnership

October 25, 2023 - For Immediate Release

Boston, MA - The Eastern Massachusetts Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (EMISCA) proudly announces its exclusive sponsorship with Gold Athletics, further solidifying Gold Athletics' reputation as a sought-after partner and fundraising sponsor in high school and youth sports. Gold Athletics, already in its third successful collaboration with Massachusetts high school sports associations, stands as a testament to an unwavering commitment and shared values with their partnered organizations.

As EMISCA's premier fundraising sponsor, Gold Athletics will be the exclusive fundraising company associated during the contract term and will participate in Coaches clinics, award ceremonies and other significant sporting events throughout the year. Together with Massachusetts varsity swim coaches & their programs, we envisage a future enriched with mutual growth and achievements, ensuring unparalleled fundraising support and resources are available.

"Our team has benefitted more than we ever thought possible with Gold Athletics.” says Mike Foley, Head Swim Coach at Wayland High School & Board Member at EMISCA.

“Their unique approach to sports fundraising has saved our staff countless hours and energy we can refocus into coaching our athletes. Year after year we are able to make large item purchases not possible under our regular budget which our team and the youth programs all benefit from.” Mike has also mentioned they had “people in the community coming to the pool looking for their annual discount [Gold Card] and it has been a great team bonding experience early in the season like we couldn’t have imagined.”

Numerous coaches across Massachusetts have voiced similar accolades and gratitude towards the tangible benefits and experiences their community has derived from Gold Athletics’ support. Their trusted growth over the years is largely due to word of mouth between high school coaches and Massachusetts associations, showcasing the organic and genuine expansion of its partnerships and endorsements.

With thirteen different fundraiser options and unique, custom-tailored approaches for each team's needs, Gold Athletics partnered with over 890 programs in 2023, reaching more than 200,000 users on their Gold Athletics Apps across the United States. EMISCA’s new partnership with Gold Athletics will help its members tap into their wealth of fundraising expertise & resources. Learn more about Gold Athletics in the community through Gold Athletics' website and inquire about fundraising services for your program.


Their mission is to recognize, serve, support, & celebrate Massachusetts varsity swim coaches & their program. Follow EMISCA Official Social Media profiles:

Twitter: @emiscaswim

Facebook: EMISCA Swimming

About Gold Athletics - Exclusive Fundraising Sponsor

Gold Athletics is a Massachusetts-based national fundraising powerhouse that helps teams score big when it comes to raising money for their programs. Whether it is their well-known Gold Cards, catalog of exclusive direct-to-supporter products, helpful fundraising tips, or their Gold Rush online donation platform, Gold Athletics has a winning game plan for reaching fundraising goals. With a dedicated team of experts at the helm, and a passion for providing top-notch customer service, Gold Athletics is the ultimate MVP in the world of fundraising. Take a look at milestones the company reached last year, here. Visit to learn more. Follow Gold Athletics' Official Social Media profiles:

Twitter: @goldathletics

Instagram: @goldathletics

Facebook: @goldathletics


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