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Shaping Positive Company Culture in Sports Fundraising: Our Commitment & Mission

At Gold Athletics, we're redefining the landscape of company culture in sports fundraising. Our approach is rooted in inclusivity, continuous learning, and a balance between personal and professional growth. This ethos is a big part of our work environment and critical to our shared success.

Gold Athletics team meets up yearly for their Boston annual team meeting
Gold Athletics team in Boston for the annual team meeting. 2023.

Inclusivity and Recognition at the Forefront

Inclusivity is the cornerstone of our company culture at Gold Athletics. We create a space where every voice is heard and valued, fostering a sense of belonging and unity. Our Director of Operations, Alexandra Ryan, shares, “Inclusive decision-making allows us to harness the collective intelligence of our team, leading to more innovative and comprehensive strategies.” This sentiment is echoed by our Founder and National Sales Director, Matt Ross, who states, “Weekly calls and valuing the team’s opinion are central to our practice. We focus on taking the positives from each team member.” Regular recognition is also a key practice.

“Each week we highlight a success story in our huddles. We also recognize outstanding performance when it is justified,” Ross adds.

This culture of acknowledgment ensures every achievement, big or small, is celebrated, making every team member feel appreciated and equipped for success.

Company Culture in Sports Fundraising: Open Communication & Continuous Growth

Our commitment to open communication and continuous growth is vital. We maintain an open-door policy across all communication channels, encouraging every team member to freely share ideas and feedback. This approach is integral to our culture of continuous learning.

Matt Ross emphasizes open-communication, saying, “It's so important to allow everyone and anyone to bring up topics or points during our calls. We send out surveys and discussion points to have different members of the team present specific topics tailored to their strengths.”

We're always evolving, embracing industry changes, and staying ahead of the curve. “Reading recommendations, tweaking communication avenues, highlighting sales, trip incentives for growth,” are some of the ways we focus on continuous growth, Ross explains.

Work-Life Harmony for Remote Work Success

Balancing work and life is a philosophy we live by at Gold Athletics. Our leaders create an environment where personal and professional lives coexist seamlessly. Matt Ross shares, “Asking about family members, sending birthday cards/gifts, and highlighting personal goals isn’t taken lightly.”

Our flexible schedules and efficient virtual meetings showcase our adaptation to modern workforce needs, proving that collaboration and teamwork extend beyond traditional office spaces.

How We Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Viewing challenges as opportunities for growth is a mindset we nurture. “Discussion, round tables, then comes the ‘plan of attack’. Being committed to our cause and vision, yet understanding that things change once you are challenged,” Ross articulates, showing how we transform obstacles into stepping stones for innovation. This positive outlook keeps us engaged and motivated.

“Encouraging consistent growth can be through reading recommendations, tweaking communication avenues, highlighting sales during calls, and incentivizing employee performance" - Matt Ross, National Sales Director

Join Our Visionary Team

Gold Athletics is a community driven by a mission to excel in sports fundraising, underpinned by a culture of growth, balance, and inclusivity. If you're inspired by our approach and want to be part of a team that values inclusivity, continuous growth, and work-life harmony, explore opportunities on our Careers Page.

Join us in revolutionizing Company Culture in Sports Fundraising while working towards elevating youth & high school fundraising!


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